Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strategies to Get Benefits with google Adsense

Google adsense is used to display the google ads on the sites we design.Every time a visitor to click on ads (AdSense) that we put on our site, we'll get the point. from this point we will get money from google. With the logic more and more people to click on ads that we put on our website, the more money we will get.
To find out more about how to register and get the script to put google AdSense on our site, you can visit the site with google AdSence URL address: https: / /
Thus, we must have a strategy so that visitors want to visit our site and are interested in clicking on AdSense that we have installed.

1. Which is elegant and unique Designattraction visitors on the website, is determined by good design and beautiful, and certainly has a unique compared with other sites.

2. InformativeMost visitors find the information in the website. there is some information that we can show.1) Fun 2) New / News 3) News / Opinion 4) Results

3. Laying AdSense WebsiteLocation / position is crucial for people to mengclick adsense, one of which is an example located in this block. that is created in one line and remove the border in the AdSense tide put us in the middle of the article, because google will automatically try to find themes that fit with the theme that we embed in the website, so people will be curious tovisiting / clicking on our AdSense tide

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